Online Catalogue

cut stones

We have a selection of cut stones, some of them listed here as they are either cut by Nick and are readily available or they are interesting stones or styles thatare attractive for most jewellery. We also have a good selection of old cut stones which are individual and suitable for many projects but not of standard size or style and may be difficult to obtain a match in the future. Please let us know what you are looking for and we will try to oblige.

New Products

Lots of faceted rondels in several sizes. The AB coated sell very quickly-the last lot we had went in a fortnight. Mixed agate strands are back- we havent listed these previously as they have sold out too quickly. New gemstones and pearls also in stock. Pearls are going up in price due to supply difficulties and this wont ease in the forseeable future.

Best Sellers

White pearls are very popular at the moment. We have just had a new delivery along with a huge quantity of coloured pearls in all hues. The multicoloured AB coated rondels are also going like hot cakes again. More single colour strands are on the way but black and clear have arrived and are selling very quickly.

imported jewellery

These items are imported and are listed at the price we retail them for at the markets where we sell jewellery. Enquiries about quantity and trade discounts are welcome. Mixed orders may be discounted depending upon total value.

wholesale beads

Often the quantities we have to purchase as a minimum order are quite large so here we offer a range of beads in quantities that attract worthwhile discounts. On most of the bead strands this can be in mixed colour lots so grab yourselves a bargain.